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Scanning TOOLS Features – 3 unique tools c/w barcode and mark recognition

       Scan to folder from any multi-function office machine or scanner

       Loads from folder full of images scanned with or without barcode target sheet

       Does not need a dedicated scanner

       Supports high speed as well as low end scanners

       Supports all scanner dpi requirements

       Allows user to set scanning preferences

       Supports duplex scanning

       Supports grayscale scanning

       Supports color scanning

       Supports batch scanning

       Supports manual individual document scanning

       Supports barcode document unitization

       Supports mark detection attachment range tracking

       Print barcode target sheets from software

       Allows for document splitting or joining

       Allows mark detection indexing

       Supports output to various image formats

       Imports images and document ranges

       Exports to most popular litigation and other software packages

       Exports to a user defined output format

       Allows quality control and editing of attachment range conflicts

       Identifies image rescan requests without interrupting scanning

       Renumbers documents and images as required



TOOLS for Dealing With Paper Documents”


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