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Coding/Indexing TOOL Features

       Easy Image and document navigation

       Spell-check enabled

       Semi-automatic “Grabber” coding (with OCR Tool)

       Coding from image viewer

       Image scroll mouse zoom

       Customizable form view

       Customizable data fields

       Customizable look up lists

       Ability to save set-up as template

       Data field validation

       Look up list validation

       Speed coding tools (keyboard coding)

       Function key shortcuts

       Keyboard quick key shortcuts

       Advanced copy / paste functionality with field specific clipboard

       Field specific case locking (upper, initial, lower)

       Problem document tagging with info tablet

       Split and join documents

       Ability to search and replace coded data

       Advanced pick list management complete with global replace capabilities

       Document coding completion tagging

       Multiple coding station capable

       Table viewing of data

       View data in MS Excel

       Global coding from mark detection slip sheets

       Real time operator coding can occur during scanning (no need to batch process)

       Imports coded external data for document collection



TOOLS for Dealing With Paper Documents”


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