Search and Retrieve

Search and Retrieve TOOL Features

       Multiple field searching

       Advanced Boolean search capable

       Pick list search enabled

       Multiple search phrase capable

       Simple language query phrases

       Ability to save search queries for subsequent processes

       Ability to save combined search and sort queries

       Ability to quickly load save searches

       Ability to view results in Excel spreadsheet

       Ability to sort by selected field

       Ability to use multiple sort levels

       Ability to create unique collection from data pot

       Ability to quality control coded data and documents by searching for required information and/or by sorting by specific criteria to identify anomalies

       Retrieve Unfinished document

       Retrieve Finished documents

       Retrieve Tagged documents

       Retrieve identified Found Sets

       Retrieve by Finished or Unfinished fields

       Search and Replace data in fields

       Search and replace data in look-up menus (auto updates database)



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