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Quality Control TOOLS Features

       Provides field-by-field completion status

       Retrieve Unfinished document

       Retrieve Finished documents

       Retrieve Tagged documents

       Retrieve identified Found Sets

       Retrieve by Finished or Unfinished fields

       Retrieves documents that require completion

       Provides user information on who coded what

       Filter by coder and date coded for productivity reporting

       Sequentially logs all users who have edited any document

       Review coder tagged documents and information reports

       Populates view and tables by selected criteria

       Search and Replace data in fields

       Search and replace data in look-up menus (auto updates database)

       Split or join documents

       Mark to be re-scanned

       Mark to be removed

       Coder deskew enabled

       Coder despeckle enabled

       Ability to edit attachment ranges

       Ability to edit global indexed values



TOOLS for Dealing With Paper Documents”


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