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Export TOOL Features

               Pre-built exports to all the major litigation software packages including

o       Summation

o       IPRO

o       Concordance

o       CaseMap

o       Ringtail (builds Ringtail .mdb file)

o       Etc.     

      Export to Access with image link file

       Creates and exports to freely distributable DATAviewer

       User defined custom ASCII export capable

       Creates and exports E-Catalogue (Electronic Catalogue) with

   Html index linked to PDF image files (with PDF Tool)

       Export found set or complete project

       Define numbering schema for documents and folders

       Define image file type when exporting

       Export images and OCR

       Export Endorsed or Branded images

       Pre-builds exports to fit on media

       Define media size for export

       Defined which fielded information will be exported

       Exports to DATAontology Software



TOOLS for Dealing With Paper Documents”


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